Client Love

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the support, care and love throughout our pregnancy, birth and after birth of our baby boy… you are totally AMAZING and we are very lucky to have found you and have you in our lives during a very important part of our journey…we hope you are able to join us on special events to continue to watch our boy grow up, he needs to know the fantastic person who helped his parents all the way for his safe arrival. We couldn’t imagine this journey without you.
Nim & Rik

We had 2 fantastic births thanks to you and your knowledge & support (and obviously the efforts of my hardcore better half)
I did the easy bit and just watched.
Andy Hoe & Sarah Dryden

My previous births were traumatic and I needed to find someone who would support a gentle approach. My birth choices would not have been possible with the NHS and the connection and trust that I built with Nicky allowed me to have a peaceful but powerful birth.
Jane Legg

As a midwife Nicky is amazing. She walked alongside me through 2 challenging pregnancies, always supporting my choices whilst still holding her professional standards high. She gave me confidence in my ability to make my own decisions about what I wanted for the births even though I was going against standard medical advice in my choices. She was such a part of it all for me and for my family too, always including the children in ante-natal visits and making it fun for them. I think my experiences of the two pregnancies and births would have been very different without Nicky supporting me all the way through. She is wonderful. You will not regret making her a part of the circle of support surrounding you at this very important time in your life
Kara McArdle