Preparation for Birth

Birth Preparation

I offer birth preparation for couples in their home as a stand-alone service or included as part of my antenatal care package. All birth preparation is carried out on an individualised basis. Sometimes it’s a good idea to begin quite early in pregnancy, especially if there is extra anxiety or previous trauma that needs to be processed. For other people, it works better to begin preparation for birth in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Birth preparation
I have many years of experience of assisting parents with birth preparation and am convinced that this is one of the key elements of a good birth. A good birth is whatever birth is best for mother and baby. Often that is a natural labour and birth with little or no assistance apart from the supportive presence of a birth companion and an unobtrusive, skilled midwife or midwives. I can give lots of assistance in creating a birth plan which I consider an important way of clarifying your intentions and expectations about the birth.
However, birth is unpredictable and it’s wise to prepare for a ‘plan b’ (and sometimes plan c) in case medical/obstetric assistance is needed.

There should be no contradiction between having a good birth experience which is also a safe birth experience. What’s best for the mother in the vast majority of cases is also best for the baby – though often nowadays in the media ‘experience’ is seen as somehow in opposition to ‘safety’. This isn’t the case in my experience. We should be aiming for a safe birth for mother and baby but this means safety in every sense – including the health and well being of both mother and baby.

So together in order to prepare for one of the most significant days in your life and your baby’s life, we will spend some time making sure that you and your birth companion understand the physiology of birth and the importance of the exquisitely sensitive dance of hormones for a natural undisturbed birth. We’ll explore different positions for labour and birth, techniques such as hypnobirthing and yoga, and comfort measures that the partner can assist with. We will look at the precious hour or two after birth when skin-to-skin contact and early feeding is so important, and how to ensure that this is respected even where obstetric help is required.
birth preparation
We’ll also, of course, look at the early days of parenting and explore together how to feed and care for your new baby.

Birth Preparation fee:

Birth preparation usually takes place over three sessions each lasting approximately 2-3 hours. The sessions take place in the couple’s home, usually in the evenings, and the fee is £350 plus travel expenses. Birth preparation is included at no additional cost in all the antenatal packages and the full IM care package.