Postnatal midwifery services package

Postnatal care package

I believe that the early hours, days and weeks following birth are some of the most significant in any new family’s life. I love supporting clients with feeding and baby care. I am on call for advice and assistance 24 hours a day for a full 28 days following the birth, so if you have any worries at all you can give me a call day or night and I can give advice or am happy to visit if necessary.

I’m happy to visit as frequently as each family needs in the early days in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby. I usually carry out 4 or 5 visits in the first 10 days, then move to weekly visiting until day 28, making a final visit at 6 weeks postnatal to ensure that all is well. Clients tell me they find it really helpful to have someone they know on the end of the phone or to contact via Whatsapp or Messenger. With many years of experience I can triage any problems for mother or the new baby and make referrals so that if medical assistance is required (for instance a neonatologist) there isn’t the delay of having to go via the NHS system.
postnatal care

Postnatal package fees

The fee for postnatal care which includes between 7 – 10 visits plus round-the-clock on-call for queries for six weeks covered either by myself or an independent midwife colleague is £1200 plus travel expenses of 30p per mile over 20 mile round trip.