Fees for independent midwifery care

Full Independent Midwifery

Package from booking at 8-12 weeks gestation. Includes all antenatal care, birth preparation, midwifery care for birth, and all postnatal care £5500. Requires a deposit of £2000 at booking, with the full fee to be paid by 36 weeks gestation. The fee is the same for independent midwifery care booked at a later gestation as my expenses are virtually the same and I usually do the same amount of work within a shorter timeframe.

Birth preparation

Private birth preparation sessions in the clients’ home. Takes place over three sessions each lasting approximately 2-3 hours. £350 plus travel expenses 30p per mile after first 20 miles of a round trip.

Antenatal midwifery care package

The full fee for antenatal care is £1200. This fee is for approximately 10-12 antenatal visits and includes all birth preparation (see birth preparation section) plus on-call availability throughout the antenatal period between 8am-8pm every day.

Postnatal midwifery care package

The fee for postnatal care is £1200 which includes between 7 – 10 visits plus round-the-clock on-call for queries for six weeks covered either by myself or an independent midwife colleague is £1200.

One-off visits

Single antenatal or postnatal visits can be arranged subject to my availability at a usual fee of £120 per visit. Such a visit may be for an antenatal or postnatal check, or for breastfeeding support. Please contact me for the exact fee which is subject to individual circumstances.

Please note these fees are for my standard packages. Fees are subject to change according to the individual circumstances of each client (for instance, if there is more than one baby expected the fee will have to increase to reflect additional care). Please contact me for a personalised quotation with no obligation.


Is there a discount for late booking?

There’s no discount for the full independent midwifery package as my expenses for each birth are roughly the same, plus late booking tends to mean I’m doing the same amount of work in a shorter time.

Do you offer a birth-only plan?

One of the main principles of my midwifery practice is to offer continuity of care so I don’t usually offer birth-only packages. This may be different during the Coronavirus as I aim to support women and families who want home births but who may not have access to NHS support. Please contact me if this is the case. I love to accompany a family on the journey of new parenthood whether for the first time or when making an addition to the family. I do my best to work with each client during her pregnancy in order to help her to enjoy optimal health during pregnancy and to assist her to come to the right decisions for her about her birth choices. Regarding the postnatal period, I believe this is sadly under-estimated in mainstream maternity care and it can be the most important part of the whole pregnancy and birth cycle in terms of bonding with your baby and establishing the best possible start to life with the new family.

Do you have a payment plan?

Payment plans are available for those who require longer to pay.

Do you take cards or Paypal?

Most clients use bank transfers to make payments, but I’m happy to take card or Paypal payments – please let me know if you’d prefer to pay like this.

Can you offer a fee reduction for someone on a limited income?

I’m sorry but I can’t offer discounts. In years gone by I sometimes gave a discount, but I’ve come to believe that this is counter-productive as I need a certain level of income to continue to live and run my business. I base my fees on a fair rate according to the expenses I have to pay, plus my skills, many years of experience and the huge commitment of being on-call. I realise that to pay for independent midwifery care is a big commitment for clients and I will always make a payment plan for those who have genuine difficulty in paying the full fee in the usual time frame. I also accept PayPal which means you can pay by card if necessary. I hope your investment in independent midwifery care will have lifelong benefits for you, your child and your whole family – after all, this is one of the most (if not the most) significant days of your life and can never be repeated.