Antenatal midwifery services package

Antenatal midwifery care

The first visit is called the booking visit – sometimes booking is spread over two visits as we cover a lot of ground. I ask questions about many aspects of your life in order to begin recording our journey together in a set of personal notes. The questions relate to your medical and pregnancy history, but also include psychological, emotional and social aspects of your life. You receive a copy of these notes when you are discharged from midwifery care and they provide a detailed record of your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

If you would normally be entitled to NHS midwifery care, you may also have a booking visit with the NHS community midwife in order that your details are recorded onto the NHS computer system and any NHS scans and blood tests are arranged. If you aren’t in the NHS system for any reason, or don’t wish to be, I can arrange for blood tests and scans to be carried out on a private basis (at additional cost). The booking visit is carried out from 8 weeks of pregnancy and can be done at any time up until 36 weeks of pregnancy. I have reluctantly decided not to book clients after 36 weeks of pregnancy as the basis of my care is to provide one-to-one care throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal continuum.

Following the booking visit I make antenatal visits according to the following schedule, which is open to adaptation according to your needs and wishes: Booking for midwifery care between 8-12 weeks, then visits at 16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 then weekly until baby is born.

antenatal midwife
Each visit is in your own home at your convenience Monday-Friday daytimes or evenings and takes about an hour. I offer antenatal checks which monitor your wellbeing and health and the growth of the baby. I offer blood pressure monitoring, urinalysis (checking urine for protein and glucose among other things), measurement of the growth of the uterus and a check on baby’s movements and position. Family members are encouraged to join in, and everyone loves hearing the baby’s heartbeat using the fetascope.

Fee for antenatal care:

The full fee for antenatal care is £1200 plus travel expenses at 30p per mile after the first 20 miles of a round trip. This fee is for approximately 10-12 antenatal visits and includes all birth preparation (see birth preparation section) plus on-call availability throughout the antenatal period between 8am-8pm every day. I’m available to be contacted in any way that suits the client including phone, text, email, Whatsapp (this is very popular) and Facebook messenger. The fee for antenatal care is usually split into three payments as follows: Deposit at booking £600, followed by a further payments of £300 at 28 and 36 weeks gestation. (If you book the full IM package then all antenatal care is included at no extra cost.)