Writer, researcher, midwife

Meet Nicky

I am researching for a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham. As a midwife for over twenty years, I have always used creativity as part of my practice – now I am putting my creative process at the heart of my work.

My work is a creative-critical exploration of life writing about birth by midwives and mothers. 

Through writing a memoir I aim to reflect on themes including my motivations for becoming a midwife; the challenges and rewards of being a midwife over 21 years; the midwife/mother relationship and meanings of birth and motherhood.

The critical part of the thesis looks at the place of memoir in the storytelling tradition of midwifery, and compares writing about birth by mothers and midwives.

I am an experienced group facilitator, teacher and lecturer. I have taught on a range of subjects including research methods, midwifery, midwifery history and creative writing.

Our family home is somewhat chaotic with adult children, grandchildren, cats, friends and family in and out. Think The Burrow from Harry Potter!